New Loan Program to Diversify Housing Supply in the Region- USDA Home Financing

Over the next three years, the Yukon government will allocate $ 2 million to the Builder rural housing loan program

to fund short-term construction projects. This measure is intended to support the efforts of entrepreneurs who produce affordable and sustainable housing in the regions.

Applicants eligible for the Program – Private Sector Entrepreneurs, First Nations and Aboriginal Development Corporations – who have affordable housing projects ready to build will be eligible to apply for funding. Funding is available to project sponsors who are unable to obtain a loan from a conventional credit institution, such as a bank.

The goal is to improve the quality of housing in the territory and increase the supply. The Program will promote the diversity of Yukon construction projects.

Loan applications can be submitted from 1 st May 2018.

“Access to safe and affordable housing that meets the needs of Yukoners is critical to healthy communities. The Builder-Builder rural housing loan program

proposes a new way of producing social housing by engaging the private sector to develop models that support the economic development of communities. ”

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The Builder-Builder Program will provide low-interest loans for short-term affordable housing construction projects. Project proponents must submit a proposal in which they must demonstrate that they have the technical and financial capacity to complete the construction on time and on budget.

The purpose of the Program is to facilitate access to funding for rural housing loan program

ter distilling ads that have worried the sector, the government will unveil Wednesday, September 20, its housing plan which aims to release a billion euros in savings in the management of personal housing aid and build more in tense areas. Some measures may not be unanimous. The Zero Rate Loan (PTZ) should be totally abolished in rural areas. The government estimates that land is cheaper in the countryside and that younger households have more facilities to buy a house

read mor- rural housing loan program

The numbers say the opposite. In fact, 27% of the PTZs granted last year to help first-time buyers were signed in the countryside. Just over 30,000 young rural households benefited.

In fact, the government of Edouard Philippe will save 600 million euros. On the other hand, it will maintain access to this loan which often corresponds to a contribution for the banks for the renovation in the old one.

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