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For some technical occupations, in addition to motivation, companies apply for a minimum degree. “To be hired as an operator in the industry, you must have at least one CAP”, explains Yves Fiorda, vice president of the Federation of Mechanical Industries (FIM), in charge of training.

Same for a position in the environment: “With the equipment increasingly sophisticated security rules more stringent, the use of IT tools, we require at least a CAP”, assures Manuèle Lemaire Director of the Veolia Ile-de-France Campus.

In this case, the company will offer you an alternating contract (professionalization or apprenticeship) so that you can train in its trades. And, as these positions are highly sought after, you are almost sure to find a nts jobs at the end of your training!

“79% of young people who are alternating then stay in the companies that trained them, says Yves Fiord, of whom 90% are hired on permanent contracts.”

Find a job as a temporary worker

Some companies prefer to hire temporary workers. In transportation and logistics, it’s a good way to get started.

There are also temporary employment agencies (Etti). These companies use temping to help you find a sustainable job. They can accompany you both professionally and in the management of your personal problems.

To be able to work in an interim nts jobs, you must fulfill at least one of these conditions:

  • To be under 26 and to be in great difficulty,
  • To be a beneficiary of the RSA,
  • Be a long-term job seeker,
  • To be covered by social assistance.
  • Evolve internally through training

To start in a company as a simple employee without a diploma does not mean to remain all his life without qualification. On the contrary, most companies, especially large ones, offer many opportunities to evolve. “It is not uncommon for a person who has entered a company without a diploma as a cleanliness officer to become a team leader, after several years,” says Nizarr Bourchada, head of the trade and vocational promotion department. OPCA FAFIEC learning. In this case, a young motivated wants change may pass a Leader CQP clean team. ”

At Accor, 75% of managers are from the field. At Sodexo, the personal training account (CPF) is offered every year to all employees.

In short, without a diploma, everything is essentially about motivation and training!

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