All You Need To Know About The Biker Patches

Biker clubs use biker patches to distinguish their clubs from each other. While their primary reason is to indicate an association, the design can be utilized to state one’s achievement, belief, or certain actions the biker has done.

The One, Two, And Three Section Patch:

The one-piece patch frequently refers to motorbike associations; the two-piece often denotes the rider belongs to a biker club (most bike clubs pursue this convention). The outlaw bike clubs utilize the last one.

AMA the American Motorcycle Association do not recognize the outlaw clubs. Each club has its unique design. However, the bottom and top shapes van almost always have a shape like crescents. They are usually known as rockers. It should be stressed, however, that a few non-outlaw bikers also carry the three-piece patch. If you are a biker and want to have some patches, then you can simply order custom patches online.

Common Patch Designs:

Outlaw bikers carry the one percent patch as a reference to the AMA states that just one percent of US bikers defy the law. A patch having an Ace of Spades serves notice the rider will struggle for what they have faith in till death; a flag one can indicate the rider’s lineage or place of birth. There are also such patches that show the rider’s position in their club. There are particular patches for club leader, vice president, sergeant-at-arms, secretary, etc.

Other Kinds Of Patches:

Many patches come with wings, but the meaning differs. The colors and wings can mean many things, but usually, it can refer to crimes or sexual acts committed by a biker. The F.F. patch denotes club name forever, forever. There are numerous versions of such patch.

The Number 13 Patch:

This patch has numerous potential meanings. Almost always, the thirteen means M, the thirteenth letter of the alphabets. But the meaning of M rides on the clubs. A few say it indicates marijuana; others say it denotes motorcycle while others affirm it is methamphetamine. However, many clubs have secret meanings for the letter M, recognized only by its members.

Meaning Of Other Patches:

Men of Mayhem patches are provided to a rider who has killed in support of the club. Rally pins or badges are provided out to the ones who attend the bike rallies. The rally might be for a few causes, but most accomplish it for aid work.

Crossbones and skull denote the biker has intervened in a brawl and probably killed somebody. The bones and skull can also refer to other offenses committed by bikers on behalf of their club. A few bikers also utilize the Nazi and Swastika symbols. These don’t necessarily entail the rider is a Nazi. Rather it is used to cite outrage among citizens and authorities. The patches are also utilized by outlaw bikers to ridicule individuals, not in the club.

As the info above makes plain, bike rider patches can denote diverse things. Although the kinds differ, they all represent something of the club and biker, whether they are law-abiding citizens or outlaws.

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