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A global multi-brand vision

Label France world of billiards As a billiard dispenser ,  L’Univers du billiard has selected for you the best billiard manufacturers “made in France” who remain in many family businesses ancestral know-how since the early nineteenth century.

UDB brings you a global multi-brand vision of the best billiards in the market. Depending on the type of game you want (American, French, English pool, snooker …) and the use you want to make a convertible billiard, The pool table brands  Universe will guide you and advise you on the best manufacturer of billiard with delivery and home installation throughout France .

Creator of play spaces

The Billiard Universe is also a creator of spaces around the game. This space can be thought of in different ways:

A pool table brands in a real play space highlighting all the elements that make it up: wall-tails, lighting, a real game room atmosphere … You can even decorate your room with a jukebox or a football table;

A pool table convertible integrated directly into your living room or your office. Everyone is not  necessarily the place to have a room dedicated to either the pool table brands therefore offers a good alternative especially since it goes well with furniture like lounge chairs , lights , and the very elegant and functional pool cue holders for a design lounge or more classic;

Famous French billiard brands

Even if they are French, these manufacturers of billiards design billiards adapted to different types of games: American, English pool table brands . Depending on what you want, The Universe of Billiards will guide you to the right manufacturers.

Ballard Toilet

Created in 1857 by Mr. Toilet, the manufacturer Ballard Toilet knew how to preserve his know-how in the French way. Designed in the north of France right next to Lille by a team of 26 technicians, billiards Toilet offer many models of billiards: classic billiard, contemporary billiards,  billiard competition, etc.

Pleasure billiards

For 50 years, the billiard manufacturer Pleasance guarantees quality billiards. Based in the city of Pleasance in the Midi-Pyrénées region, the name of this manufacturer is simply explained. Pleasance also created in 1985 the billiard table convertible into a dining table with a tray to integrate into a living room easily.

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American billiards

The billiard manufacturer Buffalo is originally an American brand created in the 60s. The game of billiards American is strictly speaking a specific type of game in the world of billiards. Buffalo has created a prestigious and upscale universe around billiards with chairs, stools, lighting that originally were designed for beautiful playrooms…

The requirement of quality ether you are professional or amateur, you probably want to play pool with very good materials. With our comparison of the best billiard tables for this year 2018, you at least know where you will turn before buying.

To achieve this ranking, apart from the respect of different standards, we also considered other criteria such as design, size and price. So, here is our selection of the best billiard tables in 2018:

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