Paleo Diet Improves Metabolic Syndrome

A new study conducted in the Netherlands shows that a Paleolithic Rapid Tone Diet improves several parameters in patients with a metabolic syndrome, compared to the official nutritional recommendations.

The Paleo Rapid Tone Diet is very popular, but it is also decried by many nutritionists and many media who see it as a simple fashionable diet, without real interest in health and likely to create deficiencies.

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It is in this context that Dutch researchers publish a new study in favor of the Paleolithic diet, this time in the metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is defined as abdominal obesity (waist circumference of 94 cm and over in men, 80 cm and more in women), triglycerides of 1.50 g / l and more (or treatment), HDL cholesterol <0.40g / l (H) and <0.50g / l (F) (or treatment), systolic blood pressure of 130 mmHg or greater or diastolic blood pressure of 85mmHg or higher (or treatment), fasting greater than 1 g / L (or type-2 diabetes).

The official nutritional advice to take charge of this syndrome is in France those of the National Health Nutrition Program, or in other countries, of its local equivalent. These tips generally aim to limit simple sugars and fats, especially saturated, consume 5 fruits and vegetables a day, and increase the “complex carbohydrates”, that is to say starchy so that they represent more of the half the calories. It is also recommended to eat 3 to 4 dairy products a day, and to reduce the salt. The idea in particular that dairy products would protect against the metabolic syndrome, advocated by nutritionists linked to the dairy industry, is not validated by recent data.

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The paleo diet differs from this advice since it advocates getting closer to the type of food that prevailed before the agricultural era. In this Rapid Tone Diet we therefore eliminate foods that represent 50 to 70% of the calories usually consumed today: starchy foods, pulses, dairy products, sugar, salt, prepared meals. Consume a lot more plants and nuts, and variable amounts of eggs, meat, fish, shells, possibly insects, snails etc … The idea, supported by many works, is that an ancestral diet would be in better match with our genetic heritage, and thus prevent or fight diseases or so-called civilization conditions that save hunter-gatherers (acne, myopia, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease

The Paleo Rapid Tone Diet was popularized in the United States and Europe by American researcher Loren Cordain of the University of Colorado, and before him by another American, Boyd Eaton. In Europe, the paleo current is represented by Staffan Lindeberg.

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Dutch researchers wanted to know if a paleo Rapid Tone Diet regardless of weight loss, improves patients with a metabolic syndrome. This is a single blind study. 32 middle-aged men and women aged 53.5 participated. They followed either a paleo diet (18 people) or (14) a diet providing so many calories, based on the official nutritional recommendations of the Netherlands (close to the PNNS). Steps have been taken to maintain stable body weight.

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