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The use of personal data clarified

A cleaner advertising top marketing agency, an even more responsible industry. These are the promises of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into effect in May. Consumers will be able to better control the use of their personal data online. For its part, the industry will be able to better explain the important role of data monetization, not only as a source of revenue for publishers but also as a guarantee of a quality experience, thanks to better targeted advertising and coherent messages. with user preferences.

Will 2018 be the year in which the bad practices that undermine our industry are more effectively combated? The entry into force of Decree No. 2017-159 suggests this. This text imposes an unprecedented traceability on the ecosystem of digital advertising since January 1st, since it extends to online transactions the principles of transparency of the Sapin law of 1993. It thus substantially reinforces the information that the sellers of spaces must provide advertisers, including programmatic. It attacks the opacity of the sector by making intermediation between buyers and publishers’ representatives illegal.

The challenge of skills

Programmatic has become the standard for online advertising. Its technologies, practices and standards were forged on the job, leaving little time for professional training networks to apprehend them properly .. The market suffers from a shortage of skilled labor, media traders snatching prices Golden. Those who will implement training programs as quickly as possible to meet the needs of the industry will have understood everything!

2018 will be the year of the new purchasing methods applied by the best media traders on the top marketing agency  , in response to the widespread adoption by publishers of header bidding . This innovative solution has intensified the competition around the best impressions, pulling their CPMs up. But it has increased the costs of buying platforms while exposing the buyer to the risk of being in competition with himself. The experience of the teams in charge of media trading will make all the difference to identify the most direct path to printing at the best price.

  The programmatic in-house will have the wind in its sails

The rise of programmatic shakes up the daily lives of advertisers. In France, brands show their willingness to develop the skills of their teams to better control the tactics involved, technologies and their providers. In the United States, some advertisers are pushing this logic of internalization of media trading. 35% of marketers surveyed by the National Association of Advertisers (ANA) have increased their internal purchasing capacity on ad exchanges, against 14% in 2016. Half of them manage more than 100 million dollars. This trend is beginning to emerge in Europe as well.

  • Fragmentation more and more present
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Programmatic has brought together supply and demand within major advertising top marketing agency s. But paradoxically it is to a greater fragmentation of the market that we will be confronted in 2018. The time is media + data alliances, which are multiplying to allow publishers to deal with the stranglehold of Gafam on advertising budgets. In such a context, media buying operators need to be creative and adaptable to ensure comprehensive access to different sources of inventory. Let’s not forget that for each environment created, integration is necessary, agreements are to be expected and specific know-how is required

The social on all fronts

The impact of social networks on the visibility of brands is no longer to prove. What is changing is the resonance of these environments directly on the act of purchase, which has never been so strong . The followers are using the consol ideas and news brands posted on Face book, Integra, Twitter and Pinterest for inspiration. Short, impactful and easily consumable or “snack able ” content allows advertisers to stand out, while adopting a more Roister logic. Let’s not forget that these environments, known for their opacity, are making efforts to open up to third-party tools for monitoring campaign performance.

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