Avoid Words That Could Compromise The Detainee

(insults or defamation in particular). They can also become negative elements in an investigation, for example, for a parole application. Some jokes may be misinterpreted by the PA or Justice and be considered as security threats.

If you initiate a correspondence with an inmate calls from prison you do not know personally, it is best to get to know each other slowly. For example, some detainees do not want to discuss politics, others see themselves as “political prisoners” and indicate it on their mail. In general, conform to the tone with which the inmate calls from prison responds to your letters (keeping in mind that if a prisoner writes that he hates mate, he will have to assume it fully, while you much less).
Many prisoners find it difficult to write: because they feel they have nothing to say and their days are similar, because it is difficult to write down their feelings when there are three in a cell … Moreover, time does not flow in the same way as outside. But it is not because the prisoner no longer writes that you can not continue sending regular letters: arouse his interest, his curiosity, attach drawings, newspaper clippings … Think especially of what your letters remain for the prisoner a way to “escape” …

It is sometimes harder to write to the people you love than to others. If you are very close to the detainee and he is slow to write to you while people who are more distant have already received mail, that does not mean that he has forgotten you inmate calls from prison or that he does not love you anymore. Imagine yourself in his place. He may be afraid of your reaction. Give him some time, and keep writing to him.

If you receive a letter that is not passed by the vaguemestre * (and which will probably have been released in the parlor), avoid keeping it: it is the proof of an offense that could fall into the hands of the police.

If the person you are writing to is transferred or released, the PA does not have the right to open your letter. It is the responsibility of the PA to return the mail to the new prison or the address left by the person upon release, which appears on his / her / her / its nut removal form *. The vaguemestre must do so within a maximum of three days (circular DAP, June 9, 2011).

Disappearances and delays of mail

You can write inside your envelope your name and address, the number of pages, stamps or photos sent. This sometimes avoids their disappearance inmate calls from prison. You can also number your shipments, or send them by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt if your mail tend to get lost. You can also write on the back of the envelope the date on which you have mailed the letter (like the stamp of La Poste, but sometimes this one is not very readable) with a sentence of the style: ”  as it n There is no strike at La Poste, this letter should happen on [date]  : it does not guarantee anything, it just puts a little pressure …

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