Valuation Of The Property Complex

Both approaches to assess the property complexes of enterprises:

The methods of valuation of property complexes, taking into account the assessment of the future income of the enterprise, include methods of the payback period, net present value and the internal rate of return. The intermediate position is occupied by such a method of determining the market price of an enterprise as the capitalization of net income. As a rule, in this case information about the past, present, and often about the future of the enterprise is used.

The report on the evaluation of the property complex is an official document that is accepted for consideration by the courts, other government agencies. The evaluation report prepared by our specialists fully complies with the requirements of the Federal Law “On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation” and the Federal Assessment Standards.

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Valuation of the property complex is of great importance for:

The potential buyer and seller (individuals and legal entities) in determining the reasonable price of the objects of the transaction – purchase and sale, exchange, other alienation;

Lenders when making a decision on granting a loan;

Landlords, when establishing the rent, taking into account the market value of rental objects;

Land owners (for example, when building a road on a privately owned land plot, an assessment of the so-called property may be required to challenge the authorities’ proposal of “fair compensation”);

The state and society as a whole, in the course of privatization and for the development of markets for relevant value objects.


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