Some Public Reviews On Slim Wallets From Kisetsu

I am currently looking for a portfolio, so I naturally started reading everything that was written by the portfolio pros on this site.

I thank all those people who fiat a huge job must say, so I quickly realized that the best possible portfolio was that of Francis Tabary “Garnier”.

However being still student I can not afford this one so thanks to all the info of the city I looked at the remaining portfolios that I would like to be usable in everyday life and offering a card effect to the wallet without palming. And I retained two: the no palm portfolio of jerry O’connell and the Mesika’s portfolio.

I understand that the JOL was very good quality especially in leather, and Mesika’s wallet also seems to be made of good leather (I can maybe be wrong).

Afterwards for the operation the Mesika and a mesika as the name suggests. But how does JOL’s no palm portfolio work? It is rather a Mullica type process or he too a Musika? Or can be another method?

Finally here I would like to have some more info, which one would you take?

Knowing that I just want a portfolio that can make the card look at the wallet and I want to use it in everyday life if possible. Good manufacturing to keep it long year.

I thank everyone who can enlighten me :


Without being an expert on the subject, I would rather recommend the “More Portfolio” by Jerry O’Connell (in its version “small”) and this for several reasons: read more

– good value for money

– convenient; you can almost use it in everyday life

– it allows you to make a card to the wallet with or without calming

– he will also serve you as a wallet peek

In short, a good investment in my opinion and not too expensive (even if it is still a certain budget, around 120 € in good French shops or $ 90 excluding shipping on US online shops).

Hope This Helps

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