Linux Or Windows Hosting?

Most web hosts offer the opportunity to choose between Linux hosting and Windows hosting. How to choose your web hosting? Better to choose a Linux or Windows hosting? What are the differences between these two types of accommodation? What are the advantages and disadvantages ?

Linux and Windows differences

Linux and Windows are the two main operating systems used by web hosts. Linux is an open source operating system; it was the first to be used by internet hosting companies before Windows followed suit.

A Linux server works with programming languages ​​such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, PHP, Perl, CGI or Python. The upload is done through an FTP client. Linux hosting is generally recommended to the general public.

Unlike the Linux server that uses open source technologies, the Windows server uses Microsoft technologies and requires work with Microsoft Access. The programming languages ​​of a Windows server are ASP, ASP.NET, Access, MSSQL, or VB / C. Windows is the only hosting system that allows the use of these programs. For uploading, everything is done through FrontPage extensions. Generally, we prefer Windows hosting in business for specific needs.

Linux and Windows servers both support basic programming languages ​​such as Java, PHP, and Ruby. They also allow the installation of WordPress or forums (PHPBB), but we will generally prefer to use a Linux server for this. If it is indeed possible to use PHP with a Windows server, it will remain rather reserved for programmers and developers.

Price differences:

The Linux operating system is Open Source, so it is free, unlike Windows. And that’s affecting the price of hosting: Windows hosting usually costs more than Linux hosting. With Linux, hosts do not need to buy licenses for their servers, unlike Windows which requires them to buy expensive licenses. This additional cost imposed by the Windows licenses is then carried over to the price of the accommodation. The difference in price between a Linux hosting and a Windows hosting, even if it remains negligible, has nothing to do with the quality of the server. For cheap dedicated server we will move to Linux hosting.

Differences in performance:

Choosing between a Linux hosting or a Windows hosting will have little influence on the performance and speed of the server, and therefore on the speed of loading your website. These two operating systems offer substantially equal performance. However, Linux hosting offers better stability than Windows hosting, Windows being more complex and requiring more programs to run on a server. Server failures will be more frequent with a Windows server than with a Linux server, even if it does not happen so frequently. It must be remembered that every time your server crashes, your website is inaccessible.


Linux hosting uses the MySQL database whereas Windows hosting uses the MS SQL database. While there are some differences between these two types of databases, they remain very similar and offer the same characteristics. MS SQL allows for example to benefit from some additional features compared to MySQL. These two databases can be used easily to store a large amount of information. The MySQL database will still be recommended to the general public and beginners. The MS SQL database will be reserved for more specific needs.


Linux is generally considered a safer operating system than Windows, especially for enhanced security distributions. A Windows server can nevertheless be as secure as a Linux server if it is administered by aprofessional. On the other hand, a poorly managed Linux server will be more easily attacked or hacked.

inux hosting and Windows hosting: how to choose?

In addition to the operating system, web hosts generally offer several types of accommodation: dedicated hosting, shared hosting and VPS hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest and allows multiple users to share the resources of the same server, at lower cost. As a rule, shared hosting will only be offered with Linux hosting, since Windows is not suitable for shared environments. For dedicated hosting or VPS, you can choose between Linux or Windows hosting.

One of the most common mistakes is choosing Widows hosting because you are using a computer running a Windows operating system. However, the operating system of your computer has nothing to do with the operating system of your server. You can totally use Linux hosting if you use Windows on your computer, it will have no influence Reseller Hosting Similarly, if you use a Mac and are on OS X, you can freely choose between a Linux or Windows hosting.

Before choosing your hosting, it is important to think carefully about the type of applications you intend to run on the server. Do these applications require Windows or Linux? As we saw earlier, while most applications can run on both operating systems, some of them are still reserved exclusively for Linux or Windows.

If you want to install WordPress, we recommend Linux hosting. WordPress uses the PHP language and databases in SQL, just like the Linux servers. Similarly, if you want to install a forum, it is better to opt for a Linux server.

In conclusion. For a stable server, secure, suitable for beginners, so we prefer a Linux hosting. To run Windows programs on the server, we prefer Windows hosting.

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