You Start In Room 4, Facing South Rooms – Ocean Of Games


Return immediately and enter room 2 (large double door). Jump on the block north of the water and destroy the crate to reveal a propulsion plate. Use it and take both balls of fuel before leaving in Room

Swim to the north switch and turn it on to lower the water level. Put on your disguise and stand on the base to the left of the switch to release a block. Take this block to the east and put it south of the pillar in the small recess. Then turn on the switch to the southwest to clear the way to room ocean of games Go up to the block you just moved and go straight ahead to the switch that lowered the water. Activate it again to raise the fleet level. Swim down to the hallway, south, to room 7. Once in the famous room 7, start filling up with magic energy. Then, use the Tricky FLAME control on the small northwestern grid.

You will have to solve a puzzle: you have to water the four torches that turn in the center of the room. To water them, it is necessary to shoot the switches in height: the statue which overhangs them will activate and trigger a few moments after its jet of water. It is necessary to arrange to be synchro.

The successful puzzle, go to room 6.

You will have to solve a new puzzle: you have to guide a block in a maze to a defined place. To move it, you have to pull the switch on the opposite side whereocean of games   you want the block to go. Back to room 4, you have to pull in this order on the buttons (note that the direction LOW indicates towards you ie to the north and HIGH the direction you do not see back to the room 4 is to say to the south):

Right, up, left, down, right, up.

The puzzle solved, go back to room 4 and use the propelled plate. Here you are on the heights of section 3. Follow the unique path to room 3 (you will go to room 7). Once in Room 3, shoot the color sphere through the changing color flame when it is the same color as the sphere. Then cross the bridge and use the teleporter download free ocean of games apk You just have to drop the magic stone to finish the level.

Then return to the village Lightfoot, just after the labyrinth.


Bang! Still imprisoned! You start the level by having to deliver yourself. You have to press A when the little red bar in the gauge at the top of the screen is in the greenocean of games   zone to repel the enemy. Do this until you no longer have Lightfoot against you (the green area shrinks with the number of enemies cleared, of course).
Now, you have to find three small sculptures of which here is the location:

  • Square: Burn the bramble wall northeast from where you start and use Tricky on the cracked earth.
  • Circular: Use Tricky on the cracked earth to the southwest (east of the water).
  • Triangular: At the earth bridge, to the east, to the north.
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