A workshop to learn how to write a song

From July 5 to 9, 2017 , Barbara Carlotti hosts a workshop open to all to learn to write a love song, accompanied by its pianist emeritus Benjamin Esdraffo. The first 15 registrants can co-write a hymn to love, after 5 days of intensive work.

This exceptional course is offered by  Les Mots , a young writing school founded by Alexandre Lacroix – editor-in-chief of Philosophie Magazine – and Elise Nebout – former director of NUMA Sprint. Located in the Latin Quarter , with a predestined address, at 4, rue Dante, Les Mots already brings together a network of more than forty writers : Yannick Haenel, Jerome Ferrari, Oliver Rohe, Alice Zeniter, Isabella Sorente, Gwenaëlle Aubry, Jean Birnbaum, Tobie Nathan, Chloé Delaume …

Since February 2017, these writers share their knowledge and experience through workshops from Monday to Sunday . Very different genres are proposed, in order to approach writing in all its forms , from the novel to the comics, from the screenplay to the ” One-man show “, from the poetry to the theater, from the “Street Litt” to the erotic literature, and many more to come!

But this internship presents a new flavor and hitherto unpublished. For Barbara Carlotti, love is the starting point of any musical impulse: “If we question singer-song-writters from around the world on the first song they wrote, they would answer you very often that it is about a song of love , the expression of an unfulfilled desire, that of the plenitude, the harmony of the beings … The love, because it acts like a vertigo or like a disease, needs the body (singing) to exult, it animates us in dark reactions that find a place of ideal expression in the song, “she explains. His workshop will be  in two stages :

“I usually say, even if I start by writing the text that the song never has its final form until the music has not found it, so I propose to start with 2 and a half days of writing and then final formatting in 2 and a half days of melodic research , accompanied by my pianist emeritus Benjamin Esdraffo with whom I wrote the song “Vous Dansiez” in order to end up with a song of unique and beautiful love, a hymn! ”

Tips for writing a song

On Musiclic, I give you some tips to write a song , even if there is no magic recipe, but there are some tips and tricks not to get lost. It is both simple and complicated, or say that simplicity is something complicated to obtain in song.

So first you do not have to complicate life: on the musical level, try to play a loop in a well established musical structure that responds to sequences of very classic chords. Without going into detail, do not hesitate to use musical cadences known as the VI II VI or IV VI while making variations on the rhythmic plan.

For chord suites , you can use the search engine ” search for a pace ” by choosing your tone. This last point is extremely important: you must first choose your major or minor tone , which will allow you to know the notes, so “diatonic” agreements to use.

To summarize, choose a tone, locate the chords of the main degrees and play without stopping the known chord sequences by making some variations, rhythm for example. By force and singing, a melody should arise from this harmony. Nothing prevents you from introducing foreign agreements, such as diminished agreements or secondary dominants. But above all, stay in simplicity. A writing too complicated will not take you very far, in any case nothing good to make a song.

Except in cases where the text or the music plays a primordial role, the text must be written at the same time as the music. A music can inspire a sad or happy text. If you listen to the music of Léo Ferré’s song ” Avec la temps ” , it’s hard to imagine anything other than nostalgia, sometimes sadness or despair. So the music will “set” the stage. Conversely, it is also true for the text. If we take again the words of this song of Léo Ferré, difficult to write a cheerful music, dancing and joyous.

In short, a good song is marriage, the perfect match between word and music. The two are written together most of the time, one catches up with the other in turn. By this I mean that music can influence the text and the text can also change the melody.

You can find out more:  mp3skull

Lack of musical inspiration

Of course, anyone who tries to write a song misses a day of inspiration either to continue one already started or to start a new one.

If you started a song but the rest does not come, it does not matter. The best is to put this work aside because it has value and the result can come a few days or weeks later. To find this suite that is so missing, I advise you to record this melody / text on your phone for example and listen to it. If you sing wrong, still take the risk of registering or ask a relative to do so. Then, with the melody in mind, free yourself from all barriers and sing with all your freedom a sequel. In this case, some words can be added to those already written, or the melody can evolve. Of course, in both cases, do not forget to note / record to resume later.

If you want to write a song, draw your inspiration from everything around you: news, people, and friends. It can be a fact that makes you feel either upset or seduced.

To see the text of a song

For lyrics, you can use a dictionary of rhymes but do not abuse it. Your song must be natural and not forced by words found in a dictionary. I propose on Musiclic a dictionary of rhymes to write a very powerful song because it offers results classified by the number of syllables. We know very well that a song is based on a very precise structure, with a melody and that the sung text must fit perfectly with the notes. In other words, the number of syllables is important. There is also a dictionary of English rhymes on this site .

Before using a rhyming dictionary, do not hesitate to sing anything, even far-fetched or meaningless things. It’s by saying anything that sometimes inspiration can come, a series of words, an idea…

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