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The costume is one of the essentials of dressing a man: wedding suits for men, suite 3 pieces, linen suit, suit for men or just a suit to go to work, we cannot do without. Sophisticated, the man suit is the essential clothing of the elegant man.

The important thing is to have a suit for men complete and suitable for occasions. Suit jacket, tuxedo, shirt, suit jacket, suit vest, suit pants, not to mention shoes: we do not neglect any detail! For color, you can choose: black suit, blue suit king or rather dark blue, gray wedding suits for men, striped suit or suit united…. We also think of the colorful costumes, which make a nice added touch. As for the summer suit, it is handy to not be too hot when the weather is nice.

Today, the suit for men is relaxed: with moccasins or sneakers, it is elegant in all circumstances.

Our Shopping Assistants present their favorite brands:Jaqk and his cotton and linen wedding suits for men for the summer, Bill Tornade and his fitted out suits for special occasions or Kebello and his complete trends .

He costume is THE garment that puts you in value, which sublimates your figure. Yes, but only if you choose a costume that fits your measurements. And that’s not always easy! At Wish bam, we reveal all our advice to find the ideal costume.


No no, the black suit is not reserved for spies and secret agents. Very classic, it is ideal for religious ceremonies. Are you invited to a wedding soon? Buy a black suit quickly! Look like Daniel Craig or Will Smith is not that good? The anthracite gray suitand the navy blue wedding suits for men, formal and dressed, are the most suitable for going to work. Like Leonardo Di Caprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, you can also opt for a striped suit. To you the appearance of confirmed businessman! In summer, beige, white, cream or colored costumes bring a touch of brightness and cheerfulness. At Wish bam, we love steel blue suits, very modern and casual.


The Princes costume Galle, tweed or with large tilesare to be advocated for their classic and elegant style. They will bring a touch so chic and so “British” to your look. The caviar and chevron patterns are ideal for giving character to a costume without falling into fantasy. For a chic dandy look, choose a paisley costume (also called cashmere), so arty! As for materials, we buy a wool suit for the winter and cotton or linen in the summer for a more casual style.


For a modern look, opt for an anthracite caviar suit, a sky blue shirt and asilk tie with fine polka dots. More classic, you can match your prince suit of brown galls with a white shirt and a floral tie for the offbeat touch. On a gray-blue chevron wedding suits for men, a fine-striped shirt and a navy knit tie will give you a youthful look. The tie can also be replaced by a bow tie if the context lends itself. Side shoe, we choose what we like! Derbies, brogue, oxford … everything is a look of history and above all to taste.


At Wish bam , we have identified for you the most chic and trendy costume brands . We love the costume 3 pieces brand Kebello for their variety of colors and prints. We dream to afford a wedding suits for men of the brand Studies for their cut worthy of the greatest Italian tailors. And finally, we are a fan of Jaqk for his sleek, cotton and linen suits.

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