Each of us sooner or later decides to go on a trip on our own, without buying a tour. But, as in any undertaking, experience plays an important role, and many newcomers do not even identify where to start or what to grab for. Having collected many years of independent travel experience, we prepared a list of tips and life hacks, which are sure to be useful to anyone who decided to go to conquer a particular country without the help of travel agencies. Someone loves to plan everything, and someone loves to go at random, but we are sure everyone will find in this list what will help him to make his adventure unforgettable.

Buying tickets

You enter the dates and directions you need, and the system itself looks for all the options that are suitable for you. On many similar sites you can see price charts for the time and date of departure, forecasts of price changes for the near future, which city has the cheapest tickets for your dates and other useful information that will help you to make the best route. If tickets to the city you need are too expensive – look at tickets to neighboring cities, it may be cheaper there. For example, if you need to go to Berlin, then maybe there are cheap flights to Prague, Dresden or Frankfurt – from there you can easily and easily get to your destination.

Do not forget to use the “incognito mode” of your browser in order not to save your actions on the Internet. Many sites that sell tickets, remember the directions that you looked at and the next time they can offer a price a little more expensive. It will seem to you that just the price of flights has risen in price, but in fact the price is simply artificially high for you. How to configure this mode for your browser – prompts any search engine.

Look for not only flights with transfers (which are often cheaper), but also routes on different types of transport. For example, you can take a bus from Moscow or St. Petersburg to Helsinki or the Baltic countries (study the sites of bus companies that have flights from Russia to Europe: Lux Express and Ecolines ), and from there to the low cost airline (for example, Ryanair ) for affordable money to fly wherever you want.

In Europe, there are a lot of bus companies, low-cost airlines, a trip to which is several times cheaper than trains and other modes of transport. Ticket prices start at $ 1, and the route network will allow you to drive around the whole of Europe Therefore, if your trip includes visits to several cities and countries, then pay special attention to the following companies: Megabus , Eurolines , Flixbus , Berlinlinienbus , Ouibus , PolskiBus and others. To find the best price, use the bus aggregator site is go to this web-site : – it will allow you to find the cheapest route in your direction.

Booking accommodation

Rental housing is one of the most serious expenses, so you have to spend time on it. Check out housing prices, choose which option is optimal for you in terms of cost and conditions: a hotel, a hostel (for example, a budget bed in a dormitory for 6/10/12 people), a separate apartment, a room in an apartment or couchsurfing. To search for hotels, visit the sites booking dot com/, roomguru com , hotels dot com and others. Be sure to pay attention to the location of the hotel (you can find out in which areas of the city it is better to stay for tourists) and visitors’ ratings. If you want to stay in a separate apartment or find a room in an apartment (often – this is the most budget and convenient accommodation option), feel free to go to airbnb dot com . The tips are the same: carefully read the reviews, the rules of the house and see where the apartment is located. For those who want to immerse themselves in the national flavor as much as possible and not to spend a penny on it – the site has been created . Here you can find locals who are absolutely free to welcome you.

Baggage payment

If you like to drive without luggage, then this item is not for you. Now many airlines offer tickets without paid baggage and meals included – hand luggage only. And the cost of 1 bag frightens many people – usually it is $ 15-20, so when you make a ticket, the baggage payment is skipped with the thought that “We will break through!”. But many people forget that during the trip you will have a lot of temptations – you will want to bring everything at once: yourself, friends, relatives and colleagues. In addition, there are many products that can not be carried in the hand luggage. And the purchase of baggage at later stages is even more expensive: adding 1 bag to a ticket after buying a ticket already costs 25-30 $, and if you check in at the airport, it can cost 35-40 $. Therefore, think a hundred times: Can you do without luggage? It may be worth not to regret this money now (besides, for Europe this cost is just one dinner for two), but bring with you from the trip many pleasant things that will please you and loved ones for a long time.

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