How to perform the basic steps of Emotional Freedom Technique

Since the emotional freedom technique is the popular one for curing the diseases and emotional issues for the person, people are now rushing to learn more about it. To help you with your knowledge for this therapy, here we are to tell you about the basics of this therapy.

Basically there are seven steps in the therapy that was described by the inventor of this therapy named Gary Craig. Later, however, this therapy and its steps were briefly described in five steps. Here we are going to present to you the detailed seven steps so that if you want to treat yourself or someone you know, you could successfully do it.

  • Identification of the issue

The first step is to identify the issue that you are going through. It is very important to know what you want to target and how. Make sure that you are targeting only one issue at a time to get maximum results.

  • Creating a Reminder Phrase against the issue

The next thing to do is to create a reminder phrase against your issue that you will keep repeating to yourself. The reminder phrase helps you know what you are focusing on. It is better to give it a title as well.

  • Rating the issue

On a scale of 1-10, rate the issue you are having. The more intense the nature of the issue, the higher is the rate on the scale. This rate will also encourage you to boost your will power.

  • Setting up strong affirmation

Set up your affirmation for the case and start the tapping therapy by tapping on the pink flesh of your hand.

  • Performing the tapping sequence

Now that you have set up an affirmation, the next thing to do is to perform the tapping sequence again and again. You will be focusing on the eight medarian points and usually two finger are used to repeat the process.

  • Tuning in the process

This step is also known as re-rating step. In this step you will analyze how you feel and then again rate the feelings on the scale from 1-10.

  • Repeating the process

If you steel do not feel better, set a new affirmation for your goal and start again. The stronger our affirmation is, the better would be the results.

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