TO LOSE 5 KILOS QUICKLY How To Lose 5kg In A Week


ometimes losing a little weight can be a morale booster. With the years, one accumulates kilos without really realizing it, and when one wants to lose it, it is mission impossible. Yet losing how to lose 5kg in a week quickly and without dieting is not that hard. You just have to relearn how to eat properly. Here are a few tips.

Learn to listen and know your body

You want to lose 5 kilos, but you have never weighed that weight before? No need to try to lose those pounds. Your body may not be willing to how to lose 5kg in a week than your current weight.

Above all, it is good to calculate your BMI and consult a doctor for an outside opinion. Many women torture themselves with diets when they do not need them at all.

The key to ideal weight lies in listening to the body. When you eat, your body instinctively tells you when to stop. These are the signals that you have to learn to detect.

No diet to lose 5 kilos

Weight loss is often synonymous with diet for many people. You may lose weight while dieting, but you will probably regain it later. In addition, diets are extremely harmful to health because they promote eating disorders.

On one hand, you will feel tired, because it will play on your contributions in unmet calories ; on the other hand, you will suffer mental fatigue, because all you need is an excess to feel guilty.

To lose 5 kilos quickly , there are no secrets: just eat balanced. And that does not mean restricting oneself to desserts or sweets.

You must first consume protein , and you are spoiled for choice: dairy products, fish, meat, eggs.

Then do not ban starchy foods, on the contrary how to lose 5kg in a week You can eat at any meal. The essential thing is to consume the necessary quantity.

Finally, do not remove any fat: they are rich in vitamin E . Just be careful to consume in reasonable quantities.

Losing 5 pounds means moving a lot

That’s it, you did most of the work. Balanced eating represents 70% of the effort to lose 5 pounds . This implies that you have 30% work left to do. And you guess, this 30% represents the practice of a sport. The sport will help you to keep a fair weight and not to take back lost pounds.

If you have never played sports, start with small daily efforts. Climb the steps instead of taking the escalators, walk more than usual, drink plenty of water .

Losing 5 kg in 1 week, is it possible

how to lose 5kg in a week is possible. Nevertheless, is it recommended? Not really ! Lose weight too quickly implies fatigue and an express recovery of lost pounds. To lose 5 kilos and never take them back, be patient, diligent in your training and serious on your plate. Follow our advice ..

Losing 5 pounds in 7 days is possible … under certain conditions!

Losing 5 pounds a week is possible, but not for the majority of people. You may have noticed that people who are obese tend to lose a lot of weights in the first few weeks, and then the curve tends to stabilize. If you are in this case, with a fat mass and a BMI important , you can lose 5 kg the first week.

How many pounds can I lose per week?

Generally, it is advisable how to lose 5kg in a week and 1 kg per week . This allows you to continue living normally with enough energy to work or play sports. Losing weight quickly means drastically reducing the number of calories. But for your health, you must not reduce to infinity your food intake.

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