MAKE A TNT GUN IN MINECRAFT – How To Build A Minecraft Navy Base
Canon to TNT under Minecraft
Canon to TNT under Minecraft

An article inspired by one of the creations of CNB minecraft.

It is a weapon of mass destruction, often used to blow up enemy bases. The TNT gun works on TNT and sends TNT shells very far.

Canon TNT – Realization.

You have to How To Build A Minecraft Navy Base a U-shape with wool blocks and dispensers, just a block above the ground. This should be 6 blocks long and 3 blocks wide, and be careful: the dispensers should be oriented towards the center of the U.

Afterwards we add 3 blocks of wool on the edge of the U shape to help guide the shell in TNT. Then add another distributor facing the wool column.

Then place 3 green wools in the center of the U shape to create the bed of your cannon. Green wool should rest on the ground, 1 block lower than the blue ones. OK ? Then, place a barrier and a pressure plate on the front of the barrel and add water by putting it at the bottom of the bed so that it flows to the pressure plate.

If you do not follow anymore, you can watch how to make a TNT gun in the link video.

Small video that shows how to build his TNT gun in Minecraft.

After, we put redstone powder on the first two dispensers along the barrel – finally we place a pink wool on the third distributor with a stone button on the side.

When that’s done, you have to put up 6 repeaters and be careful that they are put in the right direction. Each repeater must then be programmed with a delay of 4 ticks except for the one facing the isolated distributor. This one must be 2 ticks. Add 2 more redstone powders to connect everything.

Then fill the 4 distributors with TNT and forward for a scene of healthy and brutal destruction.

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Megan Miller is both author and publisher. She has been playing video games since the days when Castle Wolfenstein and Asteroids knew their hours of glory. Since Minecraft 1.2, she has been riding flying pigs, throwing Nether eyes into the air to find forts, building sugar cane pyramids, and devising dreadful strategies to shoot creatures without being killed. She is also the author of the unofficial Hacks guide for playing Minecraft. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in a Mesa biome, with her tame wolf, Layla How To Build A Minecraft Navy Base

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