Evaluation Report And Deliver It To The Customer.

Carry out analysis of the market for such property and perform calculations;

Compile an evaluation report and deliver it to the customer.

It should be understood that property valuation is necessary not only at the request of the law or for judicial instances. Timely access to specialists and a certain objective value of property in many cases can resolve many conflict situations with the least losses, and sometimes even can prevent the emergence of conflicts.

We know how convenient it is to get professional advice on-line, clarify the list of necessary documents by phone, send them by e-mail, order the Property Valuation Report without getting to the other end of the city, and get it by courier home or to the office. That is why on our official website you can order an appraiser’s consultation or a call back to discuss the terms of works and the cost of services, agree on the time of inspection, express your wishes and choose a convenient method of payment. Advantages of cooperation with our valuation company:

Absence of template solutions:

for each object and for any task we always approach individually;

High quality of rendered services:

the company has implemented a quality control system;

We guarantee the confidentiality of any information received from the client and in the course of the work of the information;

All our reports comply with the requirements of domestic legislation and government authorities;

We provide free consultations and accompany the Reports until they are adopted by the target body;

You get a new, higher level of service.

You can bring the documents for evaluation to our office or send them to us by e-mail. You will certainly appreciate the efficiency, high professionalism and affordable cost of our services.

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Poetry valuation in divorce or inheritance:

Property valuation can be carried out for various reasons. One of the main objectives of the assessment is the evaluation of the division of property (for example, the division of property in divorce, the division of property by inheritance, etc.).

Division of property in divorce or inheritance very often causes contradictions concerning the share of each of the participants. In such cases, there is a need to engage an independent expert appraiser, which will help assess the value of the property to be divided.

Division of property in divorce:

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, all property acquired by spouses during the marriage is their joint property. Both husband and wife have equal rights and equal shares in the division of property. And it does not matter who the car was designed for or who made money to buy an apartment and furnishings. Section of the apartment in the divorce, as well as the section of the car purchased during the marriage, is made in equal parts between the spouses. Also, if in an apartment belonging to one of the spouses, a major overhaul was made by joint efforts, then the divorce section of the apartment occurs between the two spouses.

In addition to property, divorce is also subject to debts, for example, unpaid loan for an apartment. With the consent of the lender, it can be distributed to both spouses.

The division of property in divorce is not subject to the property that the spouses owned before marriage, or received during the marriage by inheritance or as a gift. Also personal property of spouses (clothes, shoes) is not subject to division, unless it is made of gold and diamonds – jewelry and luxury goods are subject to division.

If necessary, for the division of property in the process of divorce, an independent expert evaluation of the property is conducted.

Division of property by inheritance:

As is known, the inheritance can be obtained by law or by will. A will is a one-sided transaction that must be kept secret by persons who make or participate in the design.

If the testator does not make a will, then his property after death will be inherited by law. It will pass to the common share ownership and will be distributed among its heirs. When inheriting by will, such a situation arises when the property bequeathed to several persons, without indicating at the same time to whom it is intended. In this case, the property is considered bequeathed in equal shares.

The division of property by inheritance occurs in the following sequence of obtaining the property to bequeath:

·         1 set group: children, spouse or partner, if partnership was registered;

·         2 ND group: parents, brothers and sisters;

·         3rd group: grandfathers and grandmothers;

·         4-th group: great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers.

One of the heirs may refuse the share due to him in favor of another. Then this share in the division of property passes to this heir. But if the refusal is not addressed to anyone or the person loses the right to inherit the property, his part will be divided when dividing the property among the remaining applicants according to the law in proportion to their hereditary shares. If it is a property inherited by will, then the refusal of one of the heirs also entails the distribution of its part among the rest in proportion to their shares.

If the estate includes immovable property, the agreement on the division of the inheritance, including the allocation of a share of one or more persons, can be concluded only after they receive a certificate of the right to inheritance.


The peculiarity of the assessment for the court is the conflict situation. Sometimes Appraisers are faced with the incompleteness of legal documents and technical documents. Sometimes it is not possible to visually inspect the objects of evaluation.

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