Most of the time, when a student fails, he has misunderstood the subject. In fact, jitters often lead to a hasty interpretation of an utterance. First, read the question several times and rephrase it in your own language.

EAF: always read the title of the writing subjects BEFORE reading the texts of the corpus: very often indeed, it is the subject of writing which will condition and direct your preliminary reading of the documents.

Initially, it is necessary to mobilize knowledge by identifying the subject. Remember these four letters: “OPLC”

The object of study (O) : it is a question of determining precisely the thematic field in which the subject is located (for example “the Poetry” or “the novel”), and to establish quick comparisons with d ‘ other objects of study in order to clearly identify the issues and put them in perspective: we do not approach the novel as we approach the theater for example. The ability of the candidate to make distinctions, to vary the points of view in order to open perspectives, or to qualify positions are all qualities valued during the scoring.

CPGE: the Dissertation Writing Help on the works on the program, your approach will necessarily be comparative.

The Problematic (P) : that is to say the different ways of posing the problem, to consider different points of view to clarify the social and cultural issue raised by the subject. The most important thing here is to question the subject, to define the thesis, that is to say the point of view of the author (and thus to consider other points of view). If the subject is a quote, you must of course rephrase it to understand its meaning. It is also an opportunity to ask you about the meaning of the terms, the thesis supported, the explicit or implicit arguments that underlie the judgment or the demonstration.

I refer you to these enlightening words: “We see, therefore, that the analysis of the quotation is entirely guided by the need to draw a problematic. To this end, it is of interest to reduce to a summary sentence the reflection of the author, especially if it is long. Because it’s not just about “commenting”, paraphrasing, “talking about” or “talking about”, it’s about knowing where you’re going and so starting with question. […] Thus launched, the duty will likely not only maintain a guideline, but to be dynamic, opposing viewpoints ” ³ .

The problem is therefore to reflect on the validity of the presuppositions of the subject. Any Dissertation Writing Help that does not take into account the issue of the subject can not get the average! Do not go too fast ! Exploit the paratext: the name of the author, the title of the book as well as its date of publication can help you. Remember also to understand the terms of the subject, and to understand the meaning: for this, you must identify the keywords and explain them. A notional analysis is also needed most often: for example, one can not undertake a

resume writing help on Realism or Naturalism without having first made a minimum of research.

Council: be careful not to confuse the proposition expressed by the problem and the demonstration it implies: the problem and the plan are two different stages. It sometimes happens that a candidate poses the problematic so clumsily, that it already announces the demonstration, hence redundancy in reading the plan.

Limits (L) : It is also essential to determine the limits of a statement in order to avoid generalization (see above) or off-topic (remember that off-topic assignments are scored on half points !). Certainly, your knowledge of the works and your general culture are essential … but on the condition of using them with discernment taking into account the specificity of the statement . What is the point of “spitting out” one’s knowledge of Romanticism or poetry if what one writes does not have a close relationship with the problem? I advise you to favor a narrow approach starting from a clearly defined problem rather than widening and taking the risk of remaining vague and general.

The Consignment (C). You must respect it scrupulously by always asking yourself this question: ”  What do you expect from me exactly? In general, two types of statements are often proposed:

  1. a) the topics in the form of a quote to discuss :

Example 1 (subject on the novel): Stendhal places in the forepart of chapter XIII of the first part of his novel The Red and the Black the following quote: “A novel: it is a mirror that one walks along a way “. You will comment and discuss this statement.

Example 2 (subject on poetry): In what does your conception of poetry agree with this judgment of Charles Baudelaire (Théophile Gautier, 1859): “Poetry, if we want to go down in even to question one’s soul, to recall one’s memories of enthusiasm, has no other goal than itself; it can not have any other, and no poem will be so great, so noble, so truly worthy of the name of poem, as that which would have been written for the pleasure of writing a poem “.

The instruction, as it is the case here, imposes most of the time a debate contradictory which invites to take position compared to a judgment formulated:

You will comment and discuss …

In what life …

In what…

Does this statement seem to you? …

Do you subscribe to …? / Do you share this opinion?


(b) the subject may also take the form of an open question:

What do you think you think about writing and reading poetry?

What do you think a good book is?

What interest can a reader of today have in reading novels of the nineteenth century?

How? Why ? What do you think of… ?

The difficulty of such subjects, despite their apparent simplicity, is that they often lead the student inattentive to build a plan of examples, a catalog-plan, which is to be avoided since such a duty does not lead to any convincing reasoning. The proofreaders will evaluate your ability to take into account the implications of the subject in your demonstration that must always be dynamic, that is to say, obey a purpose. I recommend you read pages 15 and following of the book by Francine Thyrion, The resume writing help which explains these questions well.

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