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If you plan to visit Iceland by car, it is advisable to cheap rent a car on site. Public transport being rather rare outside Reykjavík , renting a car is therefore the best solution for tourists who want to explore the island in depth. Rental may seem quite expensive at first, but it is easier and cheaper than buying a car on the spot or traveling by bus. There are many rental agencies in Iceland, so it is possible to find a solution that fits your budget.

Cars rented also vary in size and type, so you can take a car from 4×4 to compact city cars. In this article, we give you some tips for choosing the car that suits you best, as well as the agency where to rent it.

While renting a car is the essential way to explore the country, it is still a significant part of the budget. In any case, it’s still better than taking buses. The majority of buses out of Reykjavík are organized tour buses. You can take them to travel but the price will be substantial. When traveling with others, the best solution is the car. In addition, driving in Iceland is quite easy and there is not much traffic.


Rent a car in Icelandis not cheap car rental– it’s certainly more expensive than hitchhiking, but it’s possible to reduce costs so as not to blow up your budget. Public transport being rare outside the capital, it is better to rent a car and thus be more free of its movements, compared to organized tours.

Below are seven tips for saving money when renting your car:

Do not take extra insurance: you will not need insurance against car theft. In Iceland, this risk is almost non-existent. A friend working in an agency also told us that the rest of the additional insurance was not vital (like the one against volcanic ash – yes it exists).

See on the Internet:the best deals are on the Internet. By booking online you will have a better price than booking in Iceland. You can even enjoy special discounts on the Internet. As there are many rental agencies in Iceland, take the time to consult them on the internet to find the best deal.

Take the car to Keflavik airport : the airport is about 1 hour from Reykjavík, and the bus transfer costs around 15-20 euros for one way and per person. It is therefore more interesting to have the car available when you get off the plane to avoid this extra cost.

Rent for a long time: the longer the rental period, the lower the price per day.

Gasoline: The price of gasoline is high in Iceland, and is to betaken into account in the budget. The price is about 1.6 euros per liter (95 and diesel).

Choose your rental dates:from 1 September, it is the low season in Iceland, until 31 May. Renting a car at this time is much cheaper, with a difference of up to 35 € / day compared to 85 € / day.

Do not forget your budget: no need to ruin for the rental car. With all available agencies, find the best option to keep some money to spend on the road!


The driving conditions in Iceland can be very different from France, so you have to find out before you hit the road. The landscapes are often breathtaking, which can distract from the road. But be careful, in summer free-range sheep like to walk near the road!

– The speed limit in built-up areas is generally 50 km / h.

– The speed limit on the device is often 60 km / h, and in residential zone 30 km / h.

– In the countryside, the limit on unpaved road is 80 km / h, and asphalt road 90 km / h.

– Specific signs will tell you the speed limit if it does not respect these general rules.


Driving in the interior of Iceland (the highlands) is completely different from driving in the valley. Weather conditions can change extremely quickly, and snow is common. As a result, some roads may be impassable, or some rivers may become impossible to ford. Before you start your trip, remember to check the state of the roads and weather forecasts in the area, and give directions to someone who can help you if needed.

Iceland Car Hire – Reykjavik Car Hire

In summary:

– Check first if the place you plan to visit is open to traffic.

– Find a maximum of information about this place.

– Regional tourist centers, forest guards or shelter managers can help you in your approach.

– Check that you have the necessary experience and level of driving (such as fording a river if necessary) before embarking on the adventure.

– Take a 4×4, other types of cars will be much more difficult to handle.

– If you are not sure if you can cross a river, go back or wait for others to help you.

Iceland Car Hire – Reykjavik Car Hire


In Iceland, nature takes a long time to regenerate. This is due to the Arctic climate and the fact that the full growing season for plants is very short. It can take years, decades or even centuries before a tire trace or other foreign impact can be erased. For example, riding on moss uproots it, and it takes several decades before new foam grows back. It’s even longer in the highlands, where summer is much less persistent.

During your trip, it is important to respect the nature of the island. Do not take anything but photos, and leave nothing but footprints.

– Check on a map the marked routes and hiking trails.

– Check with local information centers or rangers.

– Look before leaving the state of the roads and if they are open to traffic.

Iceland Car Hire – Reykjavik Car Hire

During your trip, you will see many “parallel” paths formed by other hikers. They are sometimes just closed (and reported as such) by pebbles placed across by the guards. Do not fall into the trap and stay on the marked trails. Think of the years that it takes for nature to take back these rights on this intrusion. In addition, these ruts attract water and form flows that often worsen the situation, accelerating soil erosion and surrounding plants. If you arrive at the end of a road and want to continue, do it on foot. This is the only option. Finally, if you get caught off-piste, expect a fine or even stay in jail.

It’s up to us to set an example. Together we bear the responsibility to ensure that all future visitors can enjoy a landscape as beautiful as the one we enjoy today.

Iceland Car Hire – Reykjavik Car Hire


One thing is certain, you will not go far in hiking if you stop at the first river come. Most of the time they are small streams, rather pleasant to refresh your legs and fill up with water. However, some are larger and will need to be crossed with caution. It is best to keep some tips in mind before starting:

– The flow of rivers is usually less strong early in the day, try to organize accordingly if you can.

– Look for the best place to cross. Suitable places for crossing cars are generally a bad idea for those on foot.

– Where the river meanders, it is often wider. However, it also means there is sand and gravel so it is easier to cross the river at this point.

Iceland Car Hire – Reykjavik Car Hire

– Ideally, cross the river in groups of two or three people, each passing his elbow in the neighbor’s.

– Loosen the straps on your backpacks and try not to have anything tight around you, which could prevent you from moving properly if you or a group member falls down.

– If possible, plan a pair of special shoes to cross the rivers, so as not to keep your feet soaked without having to cross barefoot, which increases the risk of falls.

– Before crossing, agree on a rendezvous point downriver if someone falls.

– If you fall, roll on your back, keep your feet in front of you to cushion any shocks and try to reach the scheduled meeting point.

When planning your hike, find out about possible rivers to cross, and their difficulty. If you are unsure of yourself 100%, it is best to postpone shipping.

Iceland Car Hire – Reykjavik Car Hire

Tips for driving a 4×4 in Iceland


If you are thinking of exploring the depths of the Icelandic countryside , plan to rent a 4×4, you will probably drive on a lot of unpaved roads. In the highlands, a 4×4 is indispensable in view of the rocks strewn with the paths. Some F-rated roads that you will encounter are even only passable by mid-size SUVs and more.

The gravelled roads

All major roads in the country are paved. It remains that on the 13 000 km of road of the country, only 5000 km are it. Most unpaved roads are easy to negotiate, but stay focused and do not go too fast. These roads are generally rather narrow and most bridges can only accommodate one car . Wildlife can also be present, with sheep or horses at the edge – or on! the road.

Iceland Car Hire – Reykjavik Car Hire

Driving on snow or during bad weather

Be careful to adapt your driving to the weather. If it snows, slow down and avoid turning or braking too sharply, and keep a safe distance. If the car is spinning at the start, skip the second to prevent the wheels from spinning. It is always safer to check the road conditions and the weather forecast before leaving somewhere out of the city. Iceland car rental!

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