The Cult Episode: Star Trek, The Best Undeniable

episode of the series?

Star Trek is the original series from 1966 to 1969,  The New Generation  from 1987 to 1994,  Deep Space Nine  from 1993 to 1999,  Voyager  from 1995 to 2001,  Enterprise  from 2001 to 2005. best star trek movie Not to mention a dozen films around series, the modern movies  of JJ Abrams and Justin Lin since 2009, and a new series, Discovery , freshly launched with an explosive pilot .

At the origin of this phenomenon that goes well beyond the famous trekkies, there is yet a series, imagined by Gene Roddenberry, which lasted only three seasons before being canceled for lack of satisfactory audiences for NBC, even as the fans were fighting to save her. Born after several in-depth modifications and a first abandoned pilot, where the character of Captain Kirk did not exist yet,  the original series soon packed and embarked his audience in the wild adventures of the Enterprise, take-off track for the imagination .

Among 79 of the Matrix series, an episode remained engraved in memories:  The City on the Edge of Forever ( Contretemps in VF), episode 28 of the first season aired in April 1967.  Still considered one of the great moments from Star Trek mythology , it revolves around time travel, with notions that have since become commonplace in the genre. The famous Joan Collins, known especially for her role in the Dynasty series , is the guest of luxury.


The story starts with the Enterprise, which passes through an area of temporal turbulence. As doctor Leonard McCoy prepares to treat Sulu, a jolt stirs the vessel: he accidentally injects himself with a huge dose of cordrazine, which plunges him into a state of paranoia and panic. McCoy teleports to the nearest planet, followed by Kirk, Spock, Uhura and a few crew members. The group then discovers a strange time portal in which McCoy disappears. The portal explains to them that it has failed in the past, and that it has changed the course of events: the Company, the Federation no longer exist.

Kirk and McCoy decide to follow McCoy to try to bring him back and repair the fabric of the time. They land in New York in the 1930s, in the midst of the Great Depression, a month before McCoy’s arrival. As they try to blend in, they meet Edith Keeler (Joan Collins). An idealistic young woman, she runs a shelter and helps them, especially because she meets the eyes of seducer Jim Kirk.

As they fall in love, Spock discovers the awful truth: McCoy’s arrival, which will also cross Edith’s road, will save her from being hit by a car. It will then launch a pacifist movement that will delay the entry of the United States into the Second World War, allowing the Nazis to develop nuclear weapons and win. Edith must die to save the world, despite herself.

McCoy eventually arrives, and the trio ends up. The inevitable is then put in place: Edith is about to join them when a truck approaches. Kirk first has the reflex to go to his aid, before preventing himself. When McCoy tries to save her, he stops her, looking away so as not to see the one he likes to die by his own fault.

Edith dead, the story resumes its course. Kirk, Spock and McCoy return in their present, where the Company reappeared. The portal confirms that the fabric of time has been repaired before Kirk, dark, orders his team to find their ship and leave this planet.

Murderers, Murderers, Assassins!

The City on the Edge of Forever   was devised by Harlan Ellison, a science fiction writer who will later sign some episodes of Beyond the Real and The Fifth Dimension before being a consultant on Babylon 5 . The first version was significantly different: a lieutenant with severe drug problems, who appeared for the first time, was sentenced to death after killing a member of the crew. Kirk and Spock escorted him to a neighboring planet to execute, and the group discovered an ancient civilization where guards almost 3 meters high protected the famous time portal.

The man sentenced to death managed to cross it, before the Guardians announced that he had changed history. best star trek movie Unlike the episode aired, the group returned aboard the Enterprise, which had not disappeared but was in the hands of rebels. They returned to consult the Guardians, who explained to them from the start the role of Edith, whose death prevented by the lieutenant had enormous repercussions. Kirk fell in love with her knowing the truth. Finally unable to let her die, he was helped by Spock, who allowed History to resume its course.

The City on the Edge of Forever soon worried the production because of the budget needed for the first version. Several elements, such as the combinations the characters were to wear on the Guardian planet, were removed to reduce costs, and the scenario was passed between several hands to match the canons of the series.

The budget allocated of $ 191,000, higher than the 185 of the classic episode, finally increased to $ 245 or $ 257,000.

“She was right, but at the wrong time.”

It does not matter:  The City on the Edge of Forever  has been a big part of the Star Trek aura , offering a great adventure, a mix of humor, suspense and emotions. Gene Roddenberry has always said he was among the top ten episodes in the series, if not the best.

An episode that caused a war between the creator of the series and Harlan Ellison: he had agreed to support best star trek movie to prevent it from being canceled after the first season, before being rejected by Roddenberry, hurt that The author almost denied  The City on the Edge of Forever .

An episode that has also entered popular culture for its daring: the last sentence,  “Let’s get the hell out of here” , caused a little scandal since it was one of the very first times that a word like ” hell “was used on television.

“Save her, do you have heart, do you die, and millions will die who did not die before.”

But what makes  The City on the Edge of Forever such a memorable episode is, of course, this tragic love affair between Jim and Edith. The eternal questioning of time travel, the immutability of events and the butterfly effect have since entered the mainstream language of science fiction movies, but best star trek movie remains one of the pioneers of the genre after literature.

In just 50 minutes, the episode tries to build a love story, a thrilling adventure, while feeding the complicity of Kirk and Spock. The strings are sometimes crude: Edith launches without any reason in a speech on the stars, and her death simply saves the world of Nazism. She is a visionary, a pure soul who helps her neighbor, who has the deep conviction that humanity is able to go into space, beyond the limits of imagination.

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