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Advantageous in many ways, accompanied driving still requires the completion of some formalities with the lowest auto insurance company of the person accompanying the learner.

The use of accompanied driving to learn to control a vehicle from the age of 16 is a popular solution for apprentice drivers. It makes it possible, statistically, to get a license to drive more easily and is cheaper than the conventional industry. This learning system provides that you drive, over a period of between one year and three years maximum, at least 3,000 kilometers on varied courses, in the presence of a guide. The latter must be at least 28 years old, of course holder of the B license, for at least three years, but he also said he obtained the agreement of his lowest auto insurance company for this practice.

The guarantee extension does not result in an increase of the contribution for the insured

Then comes the question of the vehicle that will serve the learner driver. Because accompanied driving is only possible if the insurance of the used car includes an extension of guarantee specific. It is thus the owner of the car to make the steps in this direction with his insurer to ask, from the registration to the driving school. The lowest auto insurance company has the possibility to refuse this request if it considers simply that the risk to be guaranteed is too high but also if the escort has been convicted for certain offenses such as driving while intoxicated, the hit and run, driving while the license is suspended or canceled, the refusal to obey an order to stop and in case of homicide or unintentional injury. If it accepts, an endorsement is added to the contract of the car owner. It should be noted that this does not result in an increase of the contribution for the insured.

A possible extra cost in case of accident

This responsibility should not be taken lightly, because if an accident occurs during the apprenticeship period, the insured must assume part of the damage and a “novice driver” franchise is applied in most contracts of this type. This is in addition to the other exemptions provided for, for example in the event of a responsible accident and concerns both damage to others and damage to the insured’s vehicle.

On the other hand, the practice of accompanied driving provides a significant price advantage to the young driver, once he has obtained his certificate of accompanied driving and his driving license. And for good reason: the extra premium provided for novice drivers on auto insurance contracts is halved compared to someone who would have obtained their license in a traditional way. A new point is made after the first year of lowest auto insurance. If no accident has been caused by the young driver, the surcharge is halved and canceled after two years without an accident. The insurance companies estimate that the driver has accumulated a considerable experience of 30,000 kilometers of driving that allows them to consider him as a driver seasoned to the dangers and unexpectedness of the road.

What does it cost to not respect your obligations towards your insurer?

Moving, living abroad, sports activities … In many situations, it is necessary to warn your insurer except to give him the opportunity not to compensate you.

It is always at the moment of a disaster that one becomes aware that as insured, one has obligations. Faced with the finding of the impossibility to be compensated and passed the misunderstanding which results from it, you will come to probably say to you: “if I had known …”. If you had known, you would have taken the time to read your insurance contract and you would have informed or taken advice from your insurer to know how much you are guaranteed.

Informing your insurer of things that change your life and changing your insurance is mandatory.

Reading the terms of your warranties will make you aware that in many situations you may not be covered by lowest auto insurance because you have been careless or unpredictable. And that especially, depending on the case, you had to inform your insurer. The lowest auto insurance Code makes it clear that the insured must “declare, during the course of the contract, the new circumstances which have the consequence either of aggravating the risks or of creating new ones, thereby rendering inaccurate or obsolete answers done.

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