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Urban Expertise LLC is a professional expert organization specializing in property valuation.

Our company has been successfully operating in the valuation market since 2004.

The appraisal company “City Expertise” carries out its activities in accordance with the Federal Law “On Appraisal Activities in the Russian Federation” dated July 29, 1998. No. 135-FZ and Federal Standards of Assessment, approved by the Orders of the Ministry of Economic Development No. 297, 298, 299, 327, 611.

The expert appraisers of LLC Urban Expertise are members of the Russian Society of Appraisers (ROO) Self-Regulatory Organization and the SRO Community of Assessment Professionals Professional liability of appraisers is insured.

Appraisal experts obtained qualification certificates in all areas of valuation activities (real estate valuation, movable property valuation, business valuation).

Our company is officially accredited to SBERBANK, and also cooperates with banks: Rosselkhoz Bank, Bank St. Petersburg, Gazprom Bank, Bank Beret, etc.

Our clients: Parma’s-M OJSC, Transnet PJSC, DSRR North-West Federal District Federal State Budgetary Administration Office of the President of the Russian Federation, Nissan Manufacturing Rus, Power Machines PJSC, Rostelecom PJSC, Baltiysky Bread LLC, Management Affairs of the Government of LO, DSK-2, Len film OJSC, Obukhovsky Saved JSC, etc.

Urban Expertise LLC performs the following assessment services in St. Petersburg:

Property valuation

Land Plot Assessment

Evaluation of equipment, machinery and vehicles

Valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property

Business Valuation (Enterprise)

Valuation of securities

Assessment of damage to property.

According to the results of the evaluation, an evaluation report is issued  , which is carried out in accordance with the Federal Evaluation Standards and is an official document.

The key to our successful work is the strict adherence to a few simple principles:

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Assessment of property for a notary:

The property appraisal report goes directly to the notary who deals with inheritance matters. The notary calculates the size of the state fee on the basis of the value that contains the certificate of assessment. That is why it is so important that the assessment of the property that has been inherited is independent and accurate. After all, an incorrectly priced apartment can be a big ballast for you, since the state tax will be too high. It is worth noting that the customer has the right to choose the organization that will conduct the assessment of the property: so unscrupulous notaries and appraisers will not be able to cash in on the client.

The valuation procedure itself is not much different from the valuation procedure of the market value of the property. On the basis of the documents submitted (the plan of the apartment, evidence confirming the right of ownership, etc.), a comparative assessment and analysis of the market, the appraiser calculates the market value of the property that is inherited.

Property valuation for a notary is a necessary procedure not only in the framework of inheritance law, but also for a number of other actions with real estate and other property when a property valuation report is required, a certificate with a calculated market value of the property. Our appraisers will cope with any task of property valuation for a notary.

Property to be appraised upon accession to the inheritance

According to our experience, the assessment of the following types of inherited property is most often necessary:

Residential real estate: apartment, country house, cottage, room, share in real estate;

Cars and other vehicles (trailers, motorcycles, yachts and other vehicles);


Shares and other securities;


Non-residential real estate (warehouses, garages, etc.);

Structures (power lines, wells, pipelines, etc.).

No matter what kind of property is necessary to assess: whether it is an apartment, car or cottage. Evaluation of all types of property under the force of our professionals! Extensive experience and deep knowledge, constantly confirmed by certificates of appraisers, make our specialists the ideal employees in assessing property upon entry into the inheritance.

Valuation of inherited property in our company:

Our company is ready to provide all types of appraisal services for a notary, including the valuation of property, the need for which has caused entry into the inheritance. An apartment, a car, a cottage, a stock — all these objects of valuation are familiar to our specialists through a multitude of examples from practice, so they will cope with any, even the most difficult task during the property valuation procedure. The appraisal report will help you quickly deal with all the formalities related to the law of succession.

You can order the service of our company using the convenient order form on our website. Price estimates may vary depending on many factors, so it is best to consult with our specialist by ordering a callback on the site.

  • We only do what we can do qualitatively.
  • We strictly respect the confidentiality of the information provided to us.
  • We fully use all our knowledge, skills and experience to achieve our goals.
  • We always defend our expert opinions in any instance.
  • We are open for cooperation with enterprises, organizations, government agencies and are always happy to provide professional assistance to people.
  • LLC “City Expertise” – real estate valuation in St. Petersburg.

The legislation of the Russian Federation clearly regulates the processes necessary for accession to the inheritance. One of the mandatory stages of entry into the inheritance is property valuation. This is due to the need to pay state duty on property objects that have been inherited, and for its calculation it is necessary to know the market value of the object, which contains a property valuation report. To be confident in the correctness of the assessment, contact our company “Hold-Invest-Audit” in the city of Moscow. Our specialists will evaluate any object of hereditary property, be it a small apartment or a huge land plot, they will do it qualitatively and at a reasonable price, because the customer is the most important for us!

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