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Almost every day there are topics or messages on the forum asking how to connect bimetallic radiators in apartments through casa view plumbing and I am very sorry that nowadays, when there is access to any information on the network, many people encounter this problem”getting” to installers who do not have no idea how this installations performed. And the point is not only that very often radiators do not fully or completely warm up, which casts doubt on the feasibility of such works, but also that works are often carried out with gross violations that seriously affect the reliability of the heating system in the apartment, the very life and health of residents is in grave danger.

In this topic, through the photos of my work, I will try to give simple answers on how to connect radiators so that all building codes are observed and the radiators are fully heated.

First of all, I want to immediately determine the type of pipeline material with which the radiator is connected: if in the house the risers are made of steel pipes, then the supplies should be made of steel.Variants of polymeric materials (polypropylene, metal-plastic) are significantly inferior in reliability to steel pipes and are absolutely unacceptable in systems designed from steel, especially with open laying, chichis unacceptable according to the requirements of S Nip, connecting a radiator with copper pipes and stainless steel pipes, I personally consider it inappropriate for economic and aesthetic reasons, as well as by reducing the reliability of the pipeline due to the significantly smaller pipe wall thickness.

Secondly, it is necessary to determine the optimal type of connection, it is difficult to argue that welding is optimal, both for reasons of reliability (for threaded connections there is always a weak spot) and the aesthetic side due to the lack of fittings. It is also important that the risers mounted by builders rarely differ in the correct location relative tithe walls and floor, during gas welding, installers can correct all inaccuracies left from the builders.

Well, as for the connection itself, if you look at the below shown radiator connection diagrams recommended by the manufacturer (which ones not important, they are identical for any type of bimetallic radiator) the nit will become clear that it doesn’t matter where exactly the flow should arrive at the radiator, and it’s important where the cooled coolant comes from,that is, the return flow.

However, the most popular manufacturer of heating radiator sin Russia, Rifer, added in his instructions the scheme in which the cooled coolant comes out of the upper collector, providing the truth with its commentary, which casts doubt on the expediency of its use.

For Professional Advice Do To: wangle finished avail from skilled casa view plumbing

There are only 3 connection types for a single pipe system:lateral, lower and diagonal, but since the heat transfer medium does not always move along the river from top to bottom, and very often from bottom to top,another top-bottom diagonal (or bottom-bottom) is added for the lower feed to single pipe system.

In detail and clearly, through photo works, I will try to show all the possible cases found in our apartment buildings, and after learning about the conditions in your house (the direction of supply), anyone can simply print a photo and according to this scheme offer to install the radiator to invited installers or before check with it and with the scheme that your installers offer. From myself I can guarantee that all the above schemes are 100% working, that is, the radiators shown in the photo are fully heated.

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