How to buy flowersfor funerals

Going to the funeral, we usually buy flowers. This tradition dates back to ancient times when the deceased was rubbed with fragrant flowers and herbs.They are often used to decorate a coffin and / or burial site. The beauty of flowers serves as comfort for people who mourn the deceased, and also serve as a reminder of the vital spiritual principle. If you have a problem with which flowers to choose for the funeral, read our article and find out what is best to buy for such a sad event.


Choose flowers for funerals. When you decide which flowers are best for your funeral, keep the following in mind:

Take into account the individuality of the deceased and his family mourning. Consider the options that do not cause negative feedback. For example, if you were in a close relationship with the deceased, you may be aware of his / her preferences in choosing colors and accordingly choose something appropriate. As an option, you can focus on choosing a bright and beautiful bouquet that will symbolize the strong and charismatic nature of the personality of the deceased person.

Make into account the meaning of color when choosing flowers for funerals. For example, white color symbolizes peace and reverence, blue – consolation and tranquility. For this reason, white and blue flowers are better suited for funerals than green flowers, which personify health and luck.

Respect the religious principles of the deceased and / or his / her loved ones. Call the ritual service in advance and ask about possible belonging to a religious community. For example, Muslims can be offended by the symbol of the cross, and people of the Eastern Orthodox faith place great value on white flowers for funerals.

Determine the type of flowers for funerals you like. There is a funeral floral etiquette, which is based on the relationship with the deceased person, according to which you need to choose the appropriate flowers and present them as a last tribute.

Blooming twigs, which are located on the lid of the coffin and inside are selected by the closest relatives of the deceased.

If you knew the deceased personally, you can prepare and bring various wreaths, twigs and religious crosses. First, consult a ritual agency to check the relevance of your choice.

If you had a very close relationship with the deceased, youshould accordingly choose flowers for funerals that themselves speak for the person, life, hobbies, talents andlegacy of the deceased. This is called tribute. For example, if the deceasedwas a teacher, you can ask the florist to make a flower arrangement in the formof a book.

Children of the deceased can bring a pillow of flowers that can be placed on the lid of the coffin.

In case you did not know the deceased, but are familiar with his / her relatives or relatives, any basket of flowers will be useful.

For children’s funerals often bring compositions in the form of children’s toys.

Order a bouquet of flowers from a florist. Be prepared to provide information about the deceased, his relatives, the day of the funeral, the time and place. In addition, prepare a small note for the postcard, which will be attached to the composition.

Local florists may know the deceased and / or relatives personally and therefore may be advised in the choice of flowers. In addition, local florists can talk about traditions and trends regarding flowers for funerals, as well as offer a flexible delivery schedule.

There are a large number of flower shops online. Therefore, you can order any bouquet you like, without leaving your home.


Roses and carnations are a good choice.

If you are not sure about the choice of flowers for the funeral, you can quite naturally send the family of the deceased a flower in a pot.

You can also collect money from friends / acquaintances of the deceased and buy a large and expensive bouquet or wreath.


Before buying an unconventional or alternative bouquet / composition / wreath and so on (for example, flowers in a vase), consult a funeral home, since different funeral homes have different policies regarding flower arrangements.

Be aware that if the relatives of the deceased ask for a charitable monetary donation instead of flowers, you still have to buy a bouquet for the funeral. 

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